Kona Bay Pacific White Shrimp

Litopenaeus vannamei

Best in class

Our team has representatives in multiple shrimp producing countries that assist with customer support, and farm production data. The gathered production data is used to advance the Kona Bay breeding program into the right direction, taking the differences in multiple countries into the equation.

The farm results clearly show:

  • High survival rate of Kona Bay Pacific White Shrimp is high, even when the culture period is longer than 90 days
  • Feed Conversion Rate using Kona Bay stocks averages below 1.3, when shrimp are grown to over 23 grams in size
  • Average Daily Gain is steadily increasing year on year and reported as high with many different growing factors such as salinity, location, and stocking density

Product Lines

Tailoring shrimp broodstock for different market needs implies breeding with different lines. One size does not fit all in shrimp genetics. At Kona Bay our breeding program is built with sense and simplicity and we offer four different product lines.

'Speed', our growth line

With years of selecting for growth, and the acceleration through genomic selection, our growth line Kona Bay Speed is proven its growth performance in time to market every day in different conditions. If growth is what you are looking for, our Kona Bay Speed line is what you have been looking for.

'Strength', our disease-resilient line

Disease pressure is one of the biggest challenges in today’s shrimp industry. In our breeding program and especially in this line we select for resilience. The advantage of genetic selection is that progress is cumulative and affects all subsequent generations of livestock. When the environment is challenging, you better choose safely and opt for our Kona Bay Strength line.

'Balance', best of both line

You want your shrimp to grow fast but they will have to perform in a somewhat challenging environment. In that case choosing the right line is not about compromising. It is about getting the best of both: growth and disease resilience. Be smart and harvest the maximum with Kona Bay Balance.

General product features

Growth Rate

Average Daily Gain of 0.3-0.5 g

depending on stocking density, water quality, feeds, and other factors.

Disease resistance

Routinely selected for resistance to TSV, WSSV and EMS/AHPND.
As well as general robustness as determined through field trials in commercial settings.

Reproductive performance

Females produce 400,000 nauplii/spawn

  • with 20% spawning/night
  • without live worms (recommended for biosecurity)

Females produce 250,000 nauplii/spawn

  • with 15% spawning/night.
  • with feeding of live polychaete worms
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