Shrimp broodstock

Kona Bay's shrimp genetics

Our shrimp broodstock is world renowned for its high health status and consistent gains. We achieve this through partnerships and collaboration with world-class institutions and organizations in the shrimp industry. Learn more about what makes our products the best in the industry.

Purchase process

Contact one of our sales representatives or our Kona Bay's main office indicating airport destination, number of animals required, and preferred timing. We will research shipping options and provide a proforma invoice and sales terms within 5 days.

Technical Service

Trouble shooting, technical audits and management services are available on a fee for service basis. Contact us to arrange a customized plan designed to meet your needs.

High health status

The most critical limiting factor in shrimp farming is disease. For this reason, Kona Bay begins with an emphasis on animal health. In addition to a Ph.D. pathologist on staff, Kona Bay enlists the diagnostic services of an OIE reference laboratory, the Aquatic Pathology Laboratory of the University of Arizona, USA.

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Specific Pathogen Free (SPF)

A rigorous surveillance program continuously monitors the health status of stocks at various life stages. SPF status assures maximum performance and minimum risk of disease introduction and transmission.

Kona Bay broodstock are certified specific pathogen free (SPF), which means they are free of the following list of specific pathogens:

  • WSSV
  • IMNV
  • NHP
  • EHP
  • TSV
  • YHV
  • CMNV
  • NHP-B
  • BP


In order to establish SPF status, any prospective new genetic lines are introduced into the Kona Bay nucleus breeding center only after rigorous primary and secondary quarantine protocols defined by OIE and verified by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Stocks are maintained and propagated under the strictest biosecurity conditions.

Kona Bay facilities are uniquely designed for this purpose. They are the only shrimp farming facilities on the island of Kauai, which is separated from other Hawaiian islands by at least 200 km of deep ocean. The seawater supply is naturally filtered from deep wells and is free of pathogens. Strict protocols control the movement of personnel, equipment, and supplies.


Testing in commercial farm conditions

Tank-based growout trials within a nucleus breeding facility may not be an accurate reflection of conditions at commercial farms. It is essential for breeding facilities to conduct growout trials under commercial conditions. For this reason, Kona Bay stocks are tested at farms overseas to select for overall hardiness under field conditions.

Kona Bay genetic lines are tested in a 20-ha state-of-the-art grow out farm in Kauai, which is certified SPF. Ponds are 0.4 ha, circular, plastic-lined units with aeration, center drains, and seawater supply from deep wells. Shrimp are typically raised to 30-40 g final size with production rates of 10-15 mt/ha. They are sold under our “Kauai Shrimp” brand to premium markets in the US.