About us

About us

Waimea, on the island of Kauai, in the state of Hawaii, USA, is the home base for our genetic engine. It is the nerve center of our Kona Bay global operations where our Nucleus Breeding Centre (NBC) and R&D program is based. The Kona Bay breeding center, hatchery, farm, and processing plant are the only shrimp farming facilities on the island of Kauai. Kona Bay’s isolated location by at least 200 km of deep ocean away from other Hawaiian islands, mild subtropical climate, and pure, naturally-filtered seawater from deep wells offer an optimal environment for the biosecure culture of our shrimp breeding program.

Kauai Shrimp_farm aerial.png
Kauai, Hawaii shrimp breeding facility
Quarantine facility Bali
Quarantine facility in Bali, Indonesia

Secure, local supply through BMCs

Global access to high-quality genetic solutions is possible through our establishment of Broodstock Multiplication Centers (BMC) in different shrimp producing countries. Our BMCs are regularly supplied with Parent Post Larvae (PPL) from our nucleus facility in Hawaii, which are then raised to maturity under local environmental conditions. By developing the local BMCs, all our customers can fully rely on a consistent supply of high-quality genetics in their own country. This model offers immense improvement in the supply chain, health status, and reduction of transport time, which decreases stress and increases survivability, which allows the full genetic potential of the shrimp to be expressed. Kona Bay has established BMCs in the following locations:

  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Perak, Malaysia
  • Andhra Pradesh, India

Additionally, we have partnered with Skretting and Ecuacultivos to operate a fully upgraded shrimp hatchery facility in Ayangue, Santa Elena province, Ecuador.

Access to a global network

Kona Bay is a part of Hendrix Genetics, a world-leading multispecies animal breeding company. With access to highly advanced and innovative breeding technologies, we have accelerated the Kona Bay's shrimp breeding program to full capacity. The collaboration also provides the capital necessary for the development of state-of-the-art breeding facilities & BMCs for improved shrimp genetics worldwide.

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Kona Bay Indonesia opening