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Kona Bay

At Kona Bay we are conscious to the fact that every step we take needs to advance solutions for the industry. As we sit at the start of the shrimp value chain, our goal is to unlock the most value for everyone down the line. Based on solid science, confidence and a collaborative approach, our team is leading the way to a brighter future.

Through vast investments in our breeding program with application of the latest technologies in genetics and genomics, we are confident that the future for shrimp around the world will be bright.

Kona bay team
Kona Bay team, Hawaii USA

The challenges of the global shrimp industry

The global shrimp industry needs to advance in four areas. Firstly, the industry needs to get control in managing disease risks, social risks and environmental risks. Second, the level of efficiency has to improve significantly. Producing more shrimp with less mortality, waste, feed and antibiotics. A third area of improvement lies with building trust between the partners in the chain. Adoption of third-party assurance might be necessary. And last but not least, marketing of shrimp to increase global shrimp consumption for long term growth.

Innovation will be driving control and efficiency improvements throughout the production chain. At Kona Bay, we believe that breeding and genetics is important part of the solution and therefore key to the future of shrimp farming.

Latest News

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Hendrix Genetics signs MoU to enhance black tiger shrimp production in Bangladesh

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Hendrix Genetics and Salmones Aysen partner to advance Coho Salmon genetics in Chile

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Hendrix Genetics and Nutreco partner to deliver sustainable shrimp solutions in Ecuador

Hendrix Genetics, in partnership with Nutreco and Ecuacultivos, will invest in Ecuador to establish a state-of-the-art shrimp hatchery. The hatchery will deliver high quality, high health Pacific w...