Leading the way

A bright future for shrimp

Kona Bay, one of the world's leading suppliers of shrimp broodstock, provides access to healthy, high-quality, genetically improved Specific-Pathogen-Free (SPF) shrimp stocks. Through a long-established history in the industry, we are committed to shrimp breeding activities and improved shrimp genetics based on commercial industry needs. Kona Bay provides strong, robust products with fast growth, developed through our innovative breeding program and delivered through a structured global network.

At Kona Bay, we are conscious of the fact that every step we take needs to advance solutions for the industry. As we sit at the start of the shrimp value chain, our goal is to unlock the most value for all, starting from seed production, to farming, to processing, to distribution. Based on solid science, confidence, and a collaborative approach, we are leading the way to a brighter future.

Advancing sustainable shrimp production

We believe that healthy, high-quality shrimp genetics are the key to creating a more sustainable system. By combining improved genetics with strong partnerships, our customers worldwide can get the most value in their operations with enhanced livability and efficiency.

It all starts with a well-maintained biosecurity program in each of our facilities. To protect our breeding stock from harmful pathogens, we have adopted best management practices with optimum biosecurity measures as a mandatory module for all our breeding programs. These practices manage the movement of people, equipment, materials, feed, and water. With high biosecurity standards in place, our customers receive healthy, robust shrimp genetics year-round.

Through Kona Bay's strategic alliances, our approach of rearing shrimp stock in-country via broodstock multiplication centers (BMCs) with our world-class genetic solutions, we provide access to high-quality, SPF shrimp that can thrive in all environmental conditions.

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