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Shrimp management requires a balance of technical knowledge and practical skills. To support you on your journey to successful shrimp farming, our online resources are designed to help you succeed. Interviews with our experts and technical support are available here to help you raise the best shrimp and keep them healthy and thriving.

As the first link in the shrimp value chain, our role is to provide high quality genetics, fit for your operations. To ensure that you continue to get the most value from these genetics, we are committed to collaboration with the hatcheries and farmers to share knowledge and best practices.

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Explore our series of interviews with Kona Bay experts on breeding, biosecurity, shrimp management, and more.

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Management guides

Coming soon.. Stay tuned for our new technical guides that will help you find the best management practices for your operations.

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We understand the common struggles of shrimp farming. Contact us to ask questions and get support from our experts all over the world.

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