Leading the way for 2024: Product Development Meeting Recap

Published on Feb. 1, 2024

Leading the way for 2024: Product Development Meeting Recap

From January 23-25, our product development team gathered as every year to align and set objectives for the year ahead. With representatives from all over the world in sales, marketing, R&D, and HR, it was a productive session focused on meeting the needs of the market and our customers.

Maintaining healthy, high performing shrimp is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Our customers rely on consistent, high-quality products that will deliver value in their operations. In a recent multi-session product development meeting, our team came together to discuss an action plan to strengthen product performance in the traits that matter most to our customers.

To kick off the meeting, the group reflected on successes and opportunities in 2023. With presentations from a number of groups, the team focused on product development, market analysis, and customer feedback. This not only ensures the development of products that resonate with market demands but also underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction. The main focus for 2024 will be to continue to select for robustness and disease resistance, especially for damaging diseases such as EMS, WFS, and EHP.

Long term strategic planning was also a part of the discussions where the team looked closely at the 2024 action plan to ensure that every project contributes meaningfully towards customer needs.

Workshop_Kona Bay PDC 2024
Meeting_Kona Bay PDC 2024

With so many team members together in person, it was a great opportunity to socialize against the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii. At an evening barbeque, the team was joined by the local managers, and Robert Kana, the farm manager, prepared some delicious Kona Bay shrimp as part of the meal. Good food and conversation gave us a refreshing break and the opportunity to build team cohesion.

The 2024 Product Development Meeting was a dynamic blend of strategic planning, discussion, and team building. We are fully aligned in our focus to provide high quality products that perform in all environments. This not only delivers more value for our customers, but also helps to create a more sustainable shrimp industry.

Barbeque_Kona Bay PDC 2024

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