Kona Bay Indonesia exports first shipment of shrimp broodstock for 2023

Published on May 23, 2023

Kona Bay Indonesia exports first shipment of shrimp broodstock for 2023

PT Kona Bay Indonesia (KBI) has successfully exported its first L.vannamei shrimp broodstock to Malaysia for 2023. With this export, we are continuing to meet the demand for high performing broodstock and improving access to quality genetics for shrimp farmers all over the world.

General Manager of PT Kona Bay Indonesia, Ari Setiardhi, stated that L.vannamei shrimp is the leading export commodity in the fisheries subsector. According to him, KBI focuses on producing shrimp broodstock with a commitment to increased livability and productivity for shrimp farmers. All broodstock is certified as free from disease / Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) and has been produced from Parent Post Larvae (PPL) supplied by the Kona Bay Marine Resources Nucleus Breeding Center (NBC) in Hawaii to produce high quality and traceable shrimp broodstock.

KBI implements a strict biosecurity system with a modern laboratory for monitoring the health status of the shrimp and the water quality. KBI also operates using a sustainable cultivation process, one of which is through the Waste Management Unit (UPL) facility, so that the waste produced does not have a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

"We are always committed to the Best Management Practices (BMP) for every process in our facility. The broodstock we produce in Indonesia have the same quality and genetic traits as the parent products produced at the Kona Bay Headquarters located in Hawaii," he explained.

In the next two years, according to Ari, KBI targets broodstock production to reach 80,000 heads per year. Thus, we will continue to support the development of the shrimp industry by enhancing quality and supply with increased exports in the international market.

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