Kona Bay represented at the Vietshrimp Aquaculture International Fair

Published on May 3, 2023

Kona Bay represented at the Vietshrimp Aquaculture International Fair

The Kona Bay team was pleased to network and present at the VietShrimp Aquaculture International Fair held on April 12-14, 2023 in Can Tho City, Vietnam.

With a focus on innovative value chain upgrading, the VietShrimp 2023 trade show highlighted the latest achievements in Vietnam’s shrimp industry and introduced attendees to the latest aquatech and advanced shrimp production models. This tradeshow had over 200 exhibitors, eager to create opportunities for aquaculture ventures to expand their markets. Additionally, a two-day seminar took place, where aquaculturists and other stakeholders were able to learn about upgrading shrimp value chains. These seminars focused on digitalization and how Vietnamese shrimp farmers can enhance the global brand of their products.

Kyle Vietshrimp

Global Technical Team Members: Steve Arce, Director of Technical Services; Kyle Martin, Senior Geneticist; and David Kawahigashi, Consultant for Kona Bay were all present to connect with current and potential clients, while also being able to visit hatcheries and grow-out shrimp farms in the area. Kona Bay also had the opportunity to give a presentation at one of the technical seminars, which was well received by all attendees.

The Vietshrimp Aquaculture International Fair was a huge success in contributing towards the sustainable development of Vietnam's shrimp industry and by providing a forum to discuss opportunities and new developments in the industry.

KB Skretting
Team KB at VietShrimp
KB At Vietshrimp
Kyle KB Vietshrimp

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