The establishment of Kona Bay in India

Published on Aug. 30, 2023

The establishment of Kona Bay in India: Story of a longstanding working relationship

The relationship between Kona Bay and India goes back to 2007, when Kona Bay shipped its first broodstock to the country. Our breeding program was still young at the time – 3 years – and the Indian shrimp industry was also much smaller than it is today. 16 years later, Kona Bay’s breeding program has improved over more than 20 generations while the Indian industry flourished and got 6 times bigger. There is no doubt: Kona Bay and the Indian shrimp industry have grown hand in hand.

Our genetics are recognized as very suitable for the Indian conditions and, working together with more than 85 hatcheries, Kona Bay has been accepted as a good and preferred source for high quality broodstock by more than 40% of the Indian market: Farmers, Nauplii Rearing Centers and Hatcheries recognize that Kona Bay brings profitable harvest. Moreover, we have overcome since 2007 many rainy seasons, hot seasons, airflight disruptions and different challenges – times of COVID-19 and times of uncertainty for example – but all of this has not prevented Kona Bay and India from always staying loyal to each other and working hand in hand. Together, we have served, grown with, and taken care of the shrimp industry. 

Since 2017, Kona Bay has been part of our strong and large group, Hendrix Genetics. As a dedicated breeding company with a long history – we have built experience in breeding ever since the early 1900s – we have learned that in Agri- and Aquaculture there are periodic highs and lows, but the long-term perspective remains positive. We have in fact established a dedicated company in India, Kona Bay India Private Limited, in 2022 and are currently building other big projects for 2023.

For these projects to see the light of day and prosper, our sister company Kona Bay Indonesia has tested and proven different strategies which led to higher productivity thanks to a lower stress level for the animals and a better acclimatization to their environment. We are therefore committed to bring the same benefits to India. We are here to stay, not come & go.

India is an important partner for Kona Bay, and we are glad to be able to continue working hand in hand and, together, help the shrimp industry grow.

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